K8 Luxury Decal

by Watermark Branding Co.

Personalize and Protect. These decals are designed to personalize your K8 to your individual style and ignite your marketing. Not only are they an eco-friendly way of protecting your business investment, they also allow you to personalize your ionizer to fit your home and marketing expression.

Island Bench Makeover... When you have an island kitchen bench and the back of your K8 is exposed, you and everyone who enters your home sees it! Our Luxury Decals are designed to not only protect but personalize your sacred investment. Now you can dress your K8 to match your decor and individual style!

Style shouldn't compromise the Planet! These decals are made with bio-based materials and are made without PVC, phthalates, or halogens and have earned the prestigious GREENGUARD™ Gold Certification, awarded to products passing strict testing standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds into indoor environment.

- Scared Collection -

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