Reagent: Chlorine Test | Pentair Rainbow

From: CAD $3.97 

Two Sizes: 15 mL (0.5 oz) | 30 mL (1 oz)

Pentair OTO1 Chlorine/Bromine Test is a reagent which can be used to detect the presence of chlorine. When the drops are placed into water containing chlorine, the yellow drops stay yellow. Insure that the filter of your H2 Device is operating at its Peak Performance by monitoring the presence of chlorine monthly.

Manufactured in USA


How to use Chlorine Test Reagent:

Add two drops of the reagent to your water and invert or stir several times.  Let the water set for one minute to allow the color to fully develop.  Check the color to determine the chlorine results. Match the color of the result against the Chlorine Color Chart.

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