Drinking Glass: Jasmina Flower of Life | Restructured Water | 300 mL | Nature’s Design

From: CAD $25.57 

300 mL (10 oz)

Material: Lead-free glass designed for use up to 70°C / 158°F

Production: 100% traditional workmanship (hand made, mouth blown)

Each Jasmina glass is one of a kind, designed using the same principles as all glassware, and have the same effects on what is placed within them. You can select the right flower of life for yourself intuitively – which attracts you most.

  • Gold (24-carat gold) – enriches the revitalised water with lifeforce energy
  • Rainbow – enriches the water with optimism, with a positive attitude towards the world and ourselves
  • White – help you broaden your perception and will make you feel more open for the new opportunities and suggestions
  • Platinum – strengthen self confidence and love towards ourself

Special Feature:

  • Is designed according to the golden ratio
  • Cleaning Tips: Best cleaned by hand, using mild, natural detergents or citric acid (such as lemon water or distilled white vinegar) if residues remain

Made in Europe

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