Glass Carafe: Alladin Flower of Life | Restructured Water | 1.3 L | Nature’s Design

From: CAD $91.57 

1.3 L (44 oz)

Material: Lead-free glass designed for use up to 70°C / 158°F

Production: 100% traditional workmanship (hand made, mouth blown)

The Alladin Carafe was designed to revitalize your water or your favorite beverage (yes, including wine) with its golden ratio-inspired design and the flower of life. The cascading design of 6 sequential sections, with the volume of each section corresponding to one of the first 6 numbers of the universal Fibonacci sequence, aligns with the geometry found everywhere in nature. Revitalized water shows a 6-sided crystalline structure which corresponds to its increased level of energy and life force.

You can select the right flower of life for yourself intuitively – which attracts you most.

  • Gold (24-carat gold) – enriches the revitalised water with lifeforce energy
  • Rainbow – enriches the water with optimism, with a positive attitude towards the world and ourselves

Special Feature:

  • Designed according to the golden ratio
  • “Flower of Life” inscribed at the base of the bottle to enrich vital water with extra energy
  • Produces restructured water, as verified by lab tests using Dr. Emoto’s method
  • Has a sacred-geometry inspired design with six sections in the same proportions as the Fibonacci sequence
  • Specifically designed for intensive use and safety – suitable for children as well as commercial use
  • Cleaning Tips: Best cleaned by hand, using mild, natural detergents or citric acid (such as lemon water or distilled white vinegar) if residues remain

Made in Europe

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