Book: “4th edition: Killing Cancer Not People | AACI”

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Killing Cancer Not People | AACI Book: 4th Edition

Published in 2019

Author: Robert G. Wright
Book Website: American Anti-Cancer Institute
ISBN: 0578061848 (ISBN13: 9780578061849)

“Robert Wright has done it again, surpassing all expectations. The revised fourth edition of Killing Cancer–Not People contains indisputable breakthrough material on the cutting edge of scientific advancement in oncology.” — Maureen Howard Long, Owner, Holy Grail Cancer Care

“If I had to choose one book that would teach me how to prevent and heal chronic disease it would be Bob Wright’s Killing Cancer–Not People. When you read it, open not just your conscious, left brain mind, but your heart mind. The truth shall set you free – from disease.” — Brian LeCompte, MD

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  • Learn what you absolutely must do and stop doing if you have cancer right now, and what you must do for cancer prevention.
  • Understand detoxification and the cancer diet in plain English.
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