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A high-grade type that comes standard with the LeveLuk series.

Removal of chlorine
Filter replacement interval: Approx. 6-9 months (replacement intervals vary depending on usage and water quality)


***Please reconfirm your filter choice above to ensure you have selected the proper filter for your machine***
It is VERY IMPORTANT to choose the right filter! Open the filter door to verify whether you have the “MW-7000HG” Model Filter, or the “HG-N”

*** Note: is not responsible for wrong filter orders. **

Chlorine Summary
Service Flow Rate:1.1 gpm |  Pressure Drop:N/A  |  Capacity:1500 Gal |  Contaminant:Chlorine |  Units:mg/L |  Target Influent:2.0 mg/L |  Allowed Influent Range:1.8-2.2 mg/L |  Individual Influent Sample Point Range:1.6-2.4 mg/L |  Acceptance Criteria:>=50% Reduction |  Avg. Influent Conc:1.98 mg/L |  Avg. Effluent Conc:0.02 mg/L |  Avg. % Reduction:98.9% |  Lowest % Reduction:96.5% |  Status:PASS

Particulate Summary
Service Flow Rate:1.1 gpm |  Pressure Drop:N/A |  Class:III |  Particle Size:≥ 5µm to < 15µm |  Target Influent:≥ 10,000 #/mL |  Acceptance Criteria:≥ 85% reduction |  Avg. Influent Conc:18804 #/mL |  Avg. Effluent Conc:548 #/mL |  Avg. % Reduction:97.1% |  Lowest % Reduction:95.9% |  Max Effluent Conc:777 #/mL |  Particulate Reduction:PASS

As tested by the Water Quality Association

Made in Japan

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