Machine Supply: Cleaning Cartridge CPU | Enagic®

From: CAD $14.57 

CPU (Cleaning Powder Unit) used to hold e-cleaning powder (organic citric acid), when cleaning Leveluk machines.

***Please reconfirm your machine’s filter to ensure you have selected the correct CPU for your machine***

  • If you have a HG MW7000 High-Grade (Old) filter, then order the CPU (Old)
  • If you have a HG-N High-Grade filter, then order CPU-N
  • This CPU will not fit K8

*** Note: is not responsible for wrong CPU order. ***

Made in Japan

Short Video on “6-step e-cleaning procedure” for your machine 

Step 1: Power off unit >>> Step 2: Take off filter >>> Step 3: Add E-Cleaner & Install Cleaning Cartridge >>> Step 4: Place Hoses in cup >>> Step 5: Flush the Unit >>> Step 6: Remove Cleaning Cartridge & Install Filter

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