Pamphlet: “About Your Drinking Water” | 2019 Edition

From: CAD $65.57 

9”x 5.33” (Fold Size)

This is your must have giveaway materials to get your prospects all the information they need to feel good about making a decision on the best Electrolyzed Reduced Water device.  This 3-panel pamphlet covers topics from Importance of Water, Comparison of Available Drinking Water in North America to Quick Glance on the various functions of the Japanese Ionizer.

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Material Type:

  • 100lb coated matte stock

100% W.S. Original  Maple Leaf Emoji (Twitter Version)  Made in Canada


Customization available, add $25.00 extra 

  • Black Print
  • Imprint with name, address, phone number, website and email address


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